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 Pokemon VS Dark Pokemon Sign Up

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PostSubject: Pokemon VS Dark Pokemon Sign Up   Fri May 04, 2012 5:36 am

10 years has passed since a meteor has landed in the sea between 3rd and 5th island. The impact sent a huge wave engulfing the Sevil islands and an energy wave was felt from the impact point to the far edges of Hoenn and Sinnoh, Kanto and Johto. A deadly virus, thought to have evolved from Darkrai and Dexoys turns Pokemon into an uncontrollable rage. Those lucky enough to be born after the event was given the ability to know all the move sets available to them at once, but they can’t evolve except through EVOLUTION STONES, instead they can power themselves up for a certain amount of time. Those unlucky to have been born before the event face the danger of become a Dark Pokemon which rages though the lands hunting down anybody. They don’t have any attacks they will learn normally; instead they have Dark Attacks, which powers up with their anger. The trainers can use the power of the GS Ball to catch these Dark Pokemons and open their heart to cure them, but the GS Balls were kept in a secret base on 5th island and were washed away to the seas and other continents, (Kanto etc.) Your goal is to stop the virus from spreading.


You can choose 1 Pokemon/trainer to Role Play and start from Kanto Johto Hoenn or Sinnoh.

The Pokemon you choose must be at its basic stage

The Dark Pokemon can be of any pokemon except legends/Pseudo-legends ie. Mewtwo, Salamance

No Unova Pokemon

No DW Pokemon


1st stage

Cannot Evolve unless with the use of STONES

Can Power up

Have all its moves

Dark Pokemon

All Stages

Powered Up Attacks

No Pseudo Legends, Legends


Catches 6 Pokemon

Able to heal Dark Pokemon with help of the GS Ball and taming

Sign Up sheet

RP Name Cal

Type Of Charter's Pokemon

Charter's Pokemon Elekid

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Pokemon VS Dark Pokemon Sign Up
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